It is I, Giovanna the omniscient President.

I am a second-year Comparative Literature student who wants to expand the Creative Writing Society’s connections with the publishing/editing world and provide more opportunity for international students.

I love writing in all its synaesthetic forms - stories, song, theatre, podcast, radio, journalism. I am bi and bilingual and can usually be found haunting the Strand Campus; if by chance you spot me (or you have any questions at all about the society, of course), do not hesitate to make contact. Caution: My hair color may have changed by then.


Tess, VP

Hey everyone! I’m Tess and I’m your Vice President :)

I’m a third-year Comparative Literature with Film Studies student and my writing these days mainly consists of poetry and short plays. My goal for the Creative Writing Society is to build new connections with the “outside world”, as scary and exciting as it may sound.

I think it’s important for everyone to feel included in the society as we are a community, a large family, that comes together sharing different ideas and styles under the same roof; it is really its diversity that makes the society so great.

P.S. If you see me around Strand please please come and say hi (I’m always in need of a big hug)!


Lea, Treasurer

Hey guys!

I am your treasurer Lea and here to handle our finances. Besides being quite good with money, I am also a voracious reader and passionate writer. Writing is my favourite way of expression and a form of art that allows me to channel my creativity.

I love the magical feeling of opening a good book and being absorbed by the story within, whether it's written by a famous author or by you.



Hey folks! I'm Mari, a third-year History student. I mostly write short stories and some silly poetry.

I’m essentially in charge of having all of you get to know each other and have a good time—whether it be writing-related or at the pub. I also manage our social media, so you might see me snap a pic of y'all every once in a while.

It was really important to me to give our members a platform to showcase their work that was more casual than a publication, and so in 2018 I launched Spotlight. Submit a piece at our reading meetings and your work might make it there!



Hi, I’m Annie, a second year English student and your editor this year.

I decided I wanted to be an author at age four and had my first publishing rejection when I was ten years old (it was deserved: the story was terrible). My two remaining brain cells think writing is the best form of catharsis there is, so I’m super excited to be your editor and to be more involved in the society that I loved so much last year.